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Safe, clean and efficient

By focusing our business efforts on a small but socially essential service, RenoNorden has built up a deep understanding of the waste collection and transportation industry. From route planning to vehicle maintenance, we have the skills and resources to deliver services in all conditions.

Project management

With over a decade of taking part in tenders and running long-term operational contracts, RenoNorden has built up a vast amount of internal project management experience and analytical knowledge. Every RenoNorden Project Manager has extensive experience in industry areas such as sanitation, transport and the development of logistics solutions.

Our skilled Project Managers organise resources and people to ensure our operational commitments start and finish on time, stay within budget and meet the requirements of both the business and our clients. As well as setting up new contracts, our experienced Project Managers are able to advise on and oversee any contractual changes required during long-term projects.

Logistics & route planning

Our busy logistics department takes responsibility for route planning and commissioning for nearly 250 Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish municipalities.

The Nordics may be renowned for their majestic beauty, but for a RenoNorden driver attempting to negotiate several tonnes of refuse truck up a steep mountain road, only one thing matters… is the route reliable and safe?

Our Logistics Department utilises the latest mapping and route planning technology to analyse the landscape and plan our routes efficiently. This detailed forecasting saves both us and our client’s time and money.


Using advanced GPS technology, our logistics teams across the Nordics are able to plot the most rational and environmentally efficient collection routes for our fleet. RenoNorden currently uses a variety of advanced GPS route planning systems for the projection and setting up of new operational contracts.

We also offer our clients a GPS Registration service.


Our experienced Local Managers take responsibility for the everyday running of each local base. They are the first point of contact for clients and ensure that daily services begin and end in line with contract requirements. Local Managers are also responsible for the training and development of local RenoNorden staff.

Running each base independently ensures that any decisions, issues or vehicular problems can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Where extra support is needed, structures exist that ensure any necessary resources or knowledge can be provided quickly. General resource and admin support for each country is delivered by the Head Office.


After our people, our fleet of working vehicles are our most essential asset. We invest in high-quality equipment and technology to ensure both our drivers safety and operational efficiency. Each RenoNorden vehicle is registered and monitored under our quality systems.

As well as internal maintenance capability, we have priority service agreements in place with authorised repairers, should an accident occur.

Central repair workshops

RenoNorden operates several central garages in our countries of operation. These internally managed workshops deal with vehicle maintenance and minor repairs.

Each dedicated fleet workshop and resource centre is equipped with the facilities and expertise to respond to front line maintenance, emergency assistance and repairs.


Professional training

RenoNorden is committed to a high level of recruitment and training; our refuse collectors are our greatest asset and we take great pride in ensuring they are the best and most skilled in the industry. In 2011 we established our own ‘Waste Management School’ in Denmark to ensure our frontline staff were fully trained and developed in all aspects of their essential role.

Our Waste Management School provides the following training:

  • Achieving the RenoNorden quality standard;
  • The RenoNorden organisation;
  • Knowledge of the principal contract requirements with regards to performance and our customers;
  • Discrepancies renovation reporting procedures;
  • Administrative procedures such as the keeping of time sheets and absence messages;
  • Visual Improvement System (VIS), internal electronic quality, deviation and improvement tools;
  • Clothing;
  • Renovator Planner;
  • Knowledge of safe working techniques to prevent repetitive stress injuries and muscle strain;
  • Security Training;
  • Personnel matters, payroll, tax etc;
  • Driving Training within the refuse collection industry;
  • How to use the vehicles sanitation vehicle unit;
  • Features refuse collection;
  • Maintenance of refuse collection trucks and other heavy equipment;
  • Route Planning Theory and Practice; and
  • Language training where required.

Additional training

We also offer the following continuance of Professional Training within the company:

  • Refresher courses in first aid;
  • ECO-driving (economical driving);
  • General driving skills; and
  • Every five years we also organise and also conduct refresher training for our professional heavy truck drivers.