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Leaders in Nordic waste collection

RenoNorden is proud to be the market leader in waste management and transportation in four Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. We provide an efficient, reliable and professional household refuse collection service across more than 230 municipalities.


RenoNorden was founded in 2000 and won its first operational contract with Kongsberg Municipality just a year later. Over the next fourteen years RenoNorden went from strength to strength, participating in many tenders and gradually becoming the largest provider of waste management and transportation services to Norwegian municipalities.

In Norway, household waste makes up around 20% of the total waste volume in the country. Public and private waste collectors in Norway handle approximately 2.3 million tonnes of household waste each year.

RenoNorden is the largest operator in Norway’s waste collection industry, with a current market share of 46%. We deliver services across the entire country, collecting household waste from the homes of one in three Norwegians.

RenoNorden is headquartered in Frogner in Sørum, midway between Oslo and Gardermoen airport.


RenoNorden has been contracted to supply waste collection and transportation services in Sweden since 2008, when we secured our first operational contract in Skaraborg. Within two years we had established a further three branches in the country.

The Swedish waste collection market is quite fragmented, with a number of private companies competing for contracts. Of these, RenoNorden is by far the most successful, holding the highest market share.

After buying out the assets and contracts of a struggling competitor, we were able to expand our operational area into Stockholm and Malmö. Today RenoNorden holds a Swedish market share of approximately 15%.


In comparison with the rest of the Nordic market, Denmark has the second highest outsourcing rate for waste management services: 94%.

In 2010 RenoNorden acquired the household waste division of Renoflex-Gruppen A / S and operations began on the island of Zealand in Denmark. Just a year later the opportunity arose to purchase a further business and operations were expanded into Jutland.

Today, RenoNorden is a nationwide supplier of waste management services in Denmark, holding a market share of approximately 32%.

The Danish waste collection market is anticipated to evolve over the next couple of years, due to a new government waste strategy to be implemented by 2022.


The Finnish waste collection market is almost fully outsourced, with only one municipality complementing their outsourced services with some additional in-house waste collection vehicles.

RenoNorden entered the Finnish market in 2014 by acquiring the third largest waste collection operator: HFT Environment.

Today, RenoNorden Finland operates across the country and offers a waste collection and transportation service for both municipal and commercial customers. The company has a current market share of 15%.